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Sample Daily Schedule

"PCMF's schedule is purposefully intense.  It is designed to push each student artist beyond what they thought was the limit of their capabilities.  They are extremely proud of the work put in by the conclusion of the festival...and rightfully so."

  -- Michael Whitson, PCMF founder and director

Breakfast  - 8:00am

All breakfast meals are provided at the student artist home(s), and prepared by the students themselves with the supervision of the student artist chaperone(s).

Chamber Group Rehearsals* - 9:00am

All groups work with a professional coach who guides the ensemble throughout rehearsals and prepares them for a final performance.  

Lunch  - 12:00pm

Lunch is always prepared for the entire festival by the outstanding on-site chef

Private Lessons and Scheduled Practice Time  - 1:00pm

Private lessons can be scheduled with any of the faculty artists. First lesson is scheduled by PCMF,

any subsequent meetings are done so by the student and faculty artist.  

Second Chamber Group Rehearsal - 4:00pm

Students participate in a second group which is typically a larger ensemble, and these groups are encourage to independently apply skills and knowledge learned through the coaches.

Dinner  - 6:30pm

Dinner is always prepared for the entire festival by the outstanding on-site chef.

Free Time - 7:30pm until lights out

This schedule is created to give insight as to a typical rehearsal day at PCMF.  There are often guest artist masterclasses, concerts, outreach events, and outdoor excursions that are unique to specific days.  

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