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A message from PCMF President!

Dear Musicians!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Do you have visions of great music, lots of fun and … yes indeed, some hard work? We hope so!

With your personal musical goals being top priority, our amazing festival staff and support team are

focused on making this 10 day experience a real treat and a haven of growth for your talents.

If you’ve been before, you know. If not, you’re going to be enchanted by the beautiful nature and

friendliness of Dunsmuir and Mt Shasta. Ah! … the mountains, lakes and streams! We have a couple

extra activities planned for you, so it’s not all music all the time! Stargazing? Hiking along the

Sacramento River? A day at Lake Siskiyou? All the makings of lifelong fond memories.

And a heartfelt thank you for giving your musical gift to our community through the public concerts! We’re

thrilled to hear you perform the wonderful classical pieces you will be working on during the week!

So pack your bags and your beloved instruments … and don’t forget your scores! See you soon!


Sally Johansson

PCMF board president


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