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Meet our Crazy (but not Swedish) "Chef Dave"

An interview with … Dave Dorfman, our PCMF “chef” of the last several years!

When Dave Dorfman learned about Mike Whitson’s idea to get a wonderful, magical, summer program of classical music training off the ground in his beloved Dunsmuir, California, he wanted to help his longtime friend in any way he could. This initially meant donations, but quickly turned into something far better: using his vast experience in the catering & restaurant world to plan and prepare fabulous, nutritious, and budget-conscious meals for festival attendees! This means he pulls together a meal plan for the 10 days, shops for it all (“Costco is my best friend” he says), stocks the housing facilities with self-serve breakfasts & yummy snacks, and prepares & serves all the lunches & dinners!

He loves supporting the unique environment that PCMF is creating for these talented young people, he says: the 1-on-1 training that students get to experience with amazing teachers like Mike Whitson or Laura Gaynon, the group interactions when chamber ensemble work is pulled together, the being pushed out of their comfort zone. He relishes being the only non-musician there every day, and he takes the opportunity to teach kids about food and food prep, as well as periodically sneaking in new foods. He learned very quickly, he says, how kids eat (ie very limited palate), and tries to not overwhelm them with “exotic” fare like tuna melt sandwiches, loaded baked potatoes, and turkey tetrazzini. But he makes it be his mission to push them out of their comfort zone a little bit, as that is what PCMF is all about: a unique environment in which a young musician will grow through the musical and social experiences opened up to them. And it’s all starting again in just a few short weeks! Get those tastebuds ready!


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