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Meet Catherine Cosbey!

A week ago, Mike Whitson (our illustrious Executive Director) caught up with Catherine Cosbey, our newest addition to the summer festival faculty, for a quick Q & A!

1. Where does your passion for chamber music come from?

I come from a musical family and have been lucky to have been making music with family and friends for as long as I can remember. I also have a distinct memory of being mesmerized by the Penderecki String Quartet's performance of a Beethoven String Quartet as a child and thinking "this is incredible -- I want to do that!"

2. What is it about working with young people that inspires you?

The excitement, curiosity, and passion of young artists is so inspiring!! It's insightful to discover a piece of music with the fresh eyes of a young artist, and inevitably, they spark a deeper understanding of the music -- I learn so much!!

3. I LOVE that you're a plant person as well! I was just playing Bach 3rd Suite for my monstera and baby fig! LOL!! I've always found a deep appreciation for situations like PCMF where we get to play music in areas of great natural beauty. Care to comment?!

Haha! I love that you play for your plants!! Music belongs in nature, no? I adore spending quiet time outside, especially that glorious feeling of waking up in a tent and getting lost in the chorus of birds -- it seems so obvious that music is born from nature and it is always inspiring to play music in these magical settings!

We are excited to have Catherine join us this summer, and enrich our festival with her fun outdoorsy music-steeped spirit!


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