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Viola POWER!

Hannah, Magy, and Mike...these three have been up to no good for way too many years. Hear what these two talented musicians have to say about PCMF, why they keep coming back for more, and how they really feel about their old teacher.

What has PCMF meant to you, and why do you keep returning?

Hannah: "PCMF is the place where my love for chamber music started. I remember wanting to do more with music than my after-school youth orchestra so Mike invited me to PCMF. He told me it was intense, which it is, but coming back always prepares me to return to school in the fall eager to work on new music with new people."

Magy: "PCMF has been on of the highlights of my summer. I enjoy the tight knit community and the personal connections you can make with the students and faculty. The playing level of the students is phenomenal, and can be used as a learning experience. PCMF is an environment in which you are constantly pushing forward towards excellence, but don't feel the burnout. A factor for the ease is the surrounding greenery that nurtures the soul!"

A memory with Mike!

Magy: "Mike is a huge Giants fan. Any mention of the word Dodgers would be followed with a chuckle. Some classes would fall on game days and Mike would wear his jersey and show his pride. One day I wore my Dodger shirt just to prank him and oh my it almost caused a heart attack! I eventually wore a Giants shirt to make up for this."

Hannah: "One memory that always comes to mind is when Mike began running our group orchestra classes such as studio class. I specifically remember when Mike played for us, since it was always us playing for him and each other, and I only remember it being the first half of the first movement of Schubert's Arpeggione Sonata. I was in middle school and I remember it being some of the best playing I'd ever witnessed at that point in my life. Since then I hadn't really thought to touch that piece until I was ready to sound like that memory of Mike playing it for us."

What is the biggest challenge you face as a music major in college?

Hannah: "I think the biggest challenge that I have been facing lately is burnout. I think that finding a balance between working and enjoying playing is really important, but has been very difficult for me. It's really easy for me to get sucked into the stress of holding myself to extreme standards, to the point where music stops being fun and it's hard to enjoy. But playing for the sake of playing and revisiting old, easy music reminds me that I've come a long way and it was a long process to get here."

Magy: "It is challenging to stay organized in a practice room to achieve a successful practice session, but I am learning that it can be fixed with a journal and an actual practice plan."

Response from Mike.

"These two are as good as it gets. I met them both when they were in 3rd grade in the Youth Orchestras of Los Angeles (YOLA) program in LA, and too watch them grow, both musically and as people has been one of my most treasured experiences in life. As you can see, they do know me well and are quick to call me out on my intonation, non-coolness factor, and even my outfit. But I know that in this crazy world, you will not find two better individuals than Magy Hernandez and Hannah Esquivel. I'm honored to have dropped the title of "teacher" with these two, and to now just call them friends."


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